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The Immigrant Movie Role Details :

Marion Cotillard is as Ewa Cybulska. Joaquin Phoenix is as Bruno Weiss. Jeremy Renner is as Orlando the Magician. Yelena Solovey is as Rosie Hertz. Dagmara Dominczyk is as Belva. Maja Wampuszyc is as Aunt Edyta. Angela Sarafyan is as Magda Cybulska.

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  • The Immigrant Hollywood Movie Review

    What a delightful story it was, a dismal story of that young lady Ewa, loaded with trust touching base in a peculiar nation with the trust that she and her sister will be invited by their family! What’s more, the edginess and dread when a little bit at a time her trust and confidence gets tested by the sharpness of “the American dream”, the intensity of being settlers without cash or relatives, associations… Marion is astonishing, she acts with her eyes, her face lets it know all, she really needn’t bother with words… She makes Ewa an extremely delicate looking “young lady” yet with an astounding survival-sense .. Joacquin was beguiling, alarming, miserable, and toward the end pitiful..a extremely dull character, awful but then disastrous…

    At the point when Jeremy comes into the story, his character includes a ton of pressure with incredible collaboration with Joacquin and Marion; stifled feelings, boyish fascinate , indiscretion joined with obscurity. He was super great, I cherished his execution.. Dim made a wonderful showing with regards to by working up the story the way he did, with extremely delightful pictures, pictures in those astounding delicate yellow ocher hues , that demonstrate to us a universe of the individuals who are “doomed ” with exceptionally uncommon reference points of light… The end scene, that completion shot , was so astounding, so lovely ! What’s more, I adored the soundtrack.