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The Descent Movie Role Details :

Shauna Macdonald is as Sarah Carter. Natalie Mendoza is as Juno Kaplan. Alex Reid is as Elizabeth "Beth" O'Brien. MyAnna Buring is as Samantha "Sam" Vernet. Saskia Mulder is as Rebecca Vernet. Nora-Jane Noone is as Holly. Oliver Milburn is as Paul Carter. Molly Kayll is as Jessica Carter.

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  • The Descent Hollywood Movie Review

    In the event that bad dream initiating repulsiveness is not your sack. Then the less you think about The Descent the better. Geordie author executive Neil Marshall has conveyed a proficient, all around acted, absolute blood and guts film that comes as a lot of a wonderful amazement as his first significant component Dog Soldiers backed in 2002. Shot in a minor 7 weeks The Descent sees a sextet of verifiably appealing activity ladies jumping carelessly into an Appalachian potholing experience that turns out badly so rapidly you are left thinking about whether any of them will survive, not to mention ever observe sunlight again.

    There are correlations with be attracted to Marshall’s ‘Officers obviously – again the story is stark and superbly financial. Again there is gathering of six individuals, overwhelmingly one sex went with a sneaking, unpropitious risk and again there are a larger number of gestures to mainstream film culture than you most likely figure it out. The Descent however has a comical inclination that is reasonably pitch dark.