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Slugterra: Into The Shadows

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IMDB Slugterra: Into The Shadows

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An escalating dispute with the Shadow Clan, a newcomer from the Surface, and all the usual thugs-Eli and the Shane Gang have their hands full from the moment they return home from the Eastern Caverns.
As the Shane Gang return to the 99 caverns from their Eastern adventure, a dispute erupts between them and the Shadow Clan, threatening to shatter the hard-won peace in Slugterra. Eli and the Gang have their hands full dealing with the antics of the usual thugs, plus growing hostility from their former allies. So when Tad and his slug Pieper-who have just arrived from the Surface-lend a hand with Pieper’s amazing powers, Eli welcomes a new team member. But soon this newcomer casts his own shadow on the chaos.

In SLUGTERRA: INTO THE SHADOWS, the Shane Gang have returned to the 99 Caverns only to find their world adrift in chaos after the Shadow Clan, who was put in charge in their absence, cared more for slugs than for the other citizens of the underground. Adding to this chaos is the arrival of Tad, a seemingly decent teen who has come down from the Surface with his slug Piper to lend a hand to restore order. Eli welcomes Tad to the team, and begins to train him in the ways of being an excellent “slugslinger.” But instead, Tad betrays their trust and tries to hypnotize all the slugs into following him into the castle that once belonged to his father, Dr. Blakk. Now with Piper as a “megamorph” slug and a motley assemblage of bad guys eager to do his bidding, the only thing stopping Tad is The Shane Gang, who might be contending with more than they can handle.

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