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Aleksei Serebryakov is as Kolya. Roman Madyanov is as Vadim. Vladimir Vdovichenkov is as Dmitri. Elena Lyadova is as Lilya. Sergey Pokhodaev is as Roma.

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  • Leviathan Hollywood Movie Review

    In the wake of accepting an Oscar assignment for best remote film, I at last chose to watch this 140 moment long motion picture. I was confident I was at long last going to see Russians not playing scalawags, but rather amazingly this film assaults its own general public and the defilement behind its administration and authority church. It takes a while to get into however after the moderate opening twenty minutes the plot started to snare me and the following two hours flew by as the plot showed signs of improvement and better. In spite of being a film that splendidly assaults the debasement of its own administration and society, it does as such all around so we can all identify with these issues. Inexactly in view of the scriptural story of Job, we take after the primary character experience one foul play after another.

    Executive Andrey Zvyagintsev splendidly catches the humankind of this common laborers family who are constrained out of their own property by the degenerate neighborhood Mayor. It is the all inclusive story of a regular man battling against the treacheries of an abusive framework (The Clash’s “I Fought the Law” melody rung a bell a few circumstances while watching this film). We get looks of trust when a companion of the family goes to their barrier and tries to go up against the huge man by revealing some earth from his past, yet some fascinating turns occur and the family flow are shaken. The last fifteen minutes of this film were splendid and I am happy Zvyaginstsev didn’t offer out for a simple or feel great completion.