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Everything Beautiful Is Far Away

Everything Beautiful Is Far Away

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Everything Beautiful is Far Away is a dystopian fable about a man named lernert, his robot girlfriend and a beguiling young woman who traverse a desert planet in hopes of finding a better life.

Everything Beautiful Is Far Away denotes the full length directorial introduction of Pete Ohs and Andrea Sisson. The film takes after Lernert (Joseph Cross), a forlorn designer and essayist looking for parts to fabricate another body for his talking robot buddy Susan (Jillian Mayer). He meets Rola (Julia Garner), a youthful yet decided visionary scanning for a magical waterway known as Crystal Lake. Lernert motivated by Rola’s assurance chooses to join her on the adventure.

You need to respect free producers that don’t have a major spending plan yet do what they can to breath life into their enormous thoughts. Everything Beautiful is Far Away is an aggressive film that was made with practically nothing. The film happens in two areas, with around 80% of it, occurring in an abandon. The story has a sum of four characters, of which one is a talking robot head. As should be obvious, this is an extremely basic film yet one that would like to state a great deal with practically nothing.

The true to life encounter that Ohs and Sisson could make with such little assets is a significant striking accomplishment. There is no year or area said anytime in the film. You have no clue where Rola and Lernert are or what occurred in any case that would rouse them to stroll through this fruitless scene. All we know is that there is a forsake, a city, and probably, a lake. We learn things about the leads as the story advances yet nothing of their beginnings. There are some hidden subjects all through the story that assistance give the watcher some something to think about. This is the sort of film that is probably going to drive off the easygoing moviegoer, yet in-your-face arthouse fans will welcome the energy that Ohs and Sisson have for this undertaking.

Watch Everything Beautiful Is Far Away Online Free