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Cinderella Movie Role Details :

Ilene Woods as Cinderella (voice). Eleanor Audley as Lady Tremaine (voice). Verna Felton as Fairy Godmother (voice). Claire Du Brey as (voice) (as Claire DuBrey). Rhoda Williams as Drizella (voice).

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  • Cinderella Hollywood Movie Review

    In a little kingdom, the joyfully youngster Cinderella loses her cherished mother and his dad weds with the brutal Lady Tremaine, who has the mean girls Drizella and Anastasia. At the point when her dad bites the dust, Cinderella turns into a hireling in her own home and her stepmother and sisters feels disdain for her. Cinderella’s exclusive companions are four mice, a canine and a stallion that live in the house.

    At the point when the King chooses that his child, the Prince, ought to get hitched, he welcomes each lady in his kingdom to a ball all together that the Prince could pick his lady of the hour. In any case, Cinderella’s pitiless stepmother does not permit her to go to the ball. At the point when Cinderella is sad of heading off to the Royal Ball, her Fairy Godmother shows up and utilizes enchantment to help her to make her blessing from heaven. However, she should leave the ball before midnight since the enchantment impact will end.

    “Cinderella” is one of the works of art created by Disney that has a place with my youth, as well as to my little girl and my child’s childhoods. This charming tall tale is superb and ought to be required to each kid on the planet. I don’t have much to state, since I trust that a large portion of the perusers absolutely know the narrative of “Cinderella”. I feel frustrated about those that have composed moronic things about this beautiful dream – what a poor adolescence they had. My vote is ten.