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Barbie Thumbelina Carol

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Barbie is an instructor in kindergarten and one day recounts to her understudies the account of Thumbelina, a little Twillerbees living in a woods a long way from human advancement, brimming with blossoms and enchanted characters. Thumbelina and her companions are extremely cheerful getting a charge out of the woods when they understand that their house is going to be obliterated by tractors.

In its mission to be close and realize what will happen, the three Twillerbees hole up behind a few blossoms that are all of a sudden slice off and assumed to a position in the city, where they should carry on a couple days with a family. The family is the proprietor of the organization that will work in the woods a huge production line. Thumbelina and her companions know it is their opportunity to stop this fiasco and Twillerbees name Thumbelina as the one to show up before one of the young ladies of the family: Makena and request ger keep the backwoods safe.

Makena does not appear to be exceptionally persuaded about helping little Twillerbees and the working of the industrial facility obviously can’t be halted. Her companions attempt to help Thumbelina by coming back to the timberland and sorting out every one of their companions to protect the place, while our little companion will do everything nearby to persuade Makena and her family to regard the life out there in the forested areas.

Watch Barbie Thumbelina Carol Online Free

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