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Movie Name Barbie: Star Light Adventure

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Barbie: Star Light Adventure Movie Role Details :

Erica Lindbeck voiced as Barbie. Robbie Daymond voiced as Leo. Kimberly Woods voiced as Sal-Lee.

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  • Barbie: Star Light Adventure Hollywood Movie Review

    In this motion picture, Barbie again shows up on the extra large screen alongside your pet Pupcorn, on this event, the world’s most well known doll has a mission that happens in space, particularly on a planet far from Earth . Barbie and Pupcorn, indistinguishable as usual, will enter in an experience that is by all accounts extremely particular start; however gradually enterprises appear to be convoluted on the grounds that in an exceptionally positive minute, every one of the stars start to blur, it appears that the world will stay dull, and nothing appears to stop it.

    In any case, Barbie in her endeavor not to permit the planet runs out, she chooses to go to Capital Planet and its main goal will join a group that is attempting to get every one of the stars start to sparkle once more. It is in that place where he meets Sal Lee, another galactic champion and her new companions. It is likely that these capable companions are the compel that the universe needs.

    A story like few circumstances we have seen, Barbie show us in this film you can accomplish anything you set your brain to, even that things who are a long way from our system. Try not to miss this great space enterprise, devoted to significant others of the most renowned doll on the planet!