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Barbie and The Secret Door Movie Role Details :

Kelly Sheridan is as Alexa. Brittany McDonald is as Singing Alexa. Ashleigh Ball is as Nori. Chanelle Peloso is as Romy. Tabitha St. Germain is as Malucia. Ellie King is as Grandmother. Christopher Gaze is as Brookhurst. Jonathan Holmes is as Grodlin.

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  • Barbie and The Secret Door Hollywood Movie Review

    What might you do in the event that you could open an entryway that prompt to a one of a kind and unrivaled world where a mermaid, a princess and a pixie join to spare the enchantment kingdom? In this new Barbie motion picture, Alexa, the hero is a princess whose enthusiasm is perusing, cause with the books can live fantastic enterprises; one day while strolling through the forested areas is her manor, finds an entryway that no one had ever seen some time recently, an entryway which promptly amazes her and chooses to open it.

    Around then Alexa enters an otherworldly world that is precisely similar to the book she is perusing, brimming with supernatural creatures and at no other time seen shocks. A melodic enterprise starts here where abhorrence is likewise present through Malucia insidious, a terrible ruler who needs to take the enchantment of the earth.

    Alexa meets Romy and Nori, a mermaid and a pixie; and among them, will join to crush Malucia. Alexa find that she groups mystical forces and in the organization of her new companions will dependably accomplish what they need. Join Barbie in this new enterprise furthermore you enter the mystery entryway. You will always remember this experience!!