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John Rotit is a happy, content man with a loving wife. Hours later, he’s a rock star shooting up heroin. And after that…he’s something far more sinister. John unwillingly flashes between three parallel lives in which he knowingly exists in each. He has no clue how or why this phenomenon is occurring, only that he wants it to stop. John’s judgment becomes clouded as he’ll do anything he can to end his flashes and remain in the one life where he’s truly happy.

The story is to some degree abnormal, yet it leaves a greater number of inquiries than it answers and along these lines is regularly confounding. Some of that is the idea of ricocheting around to three unique substances, yet really the film did entirely well at influencing it to clear which one you were in. I didn’t comprehend the succession paving the way to the peak.

John Rotit was not the most agreeable character even in his best reality. In the second reality, Johnny was a narrow minded washout and in the third a relatively automated executioner. I never comprehended why he was murdering the general population he did-what centrality the general population on the rundown were, however perhaps I missed it.

John #1 has an amazingly given spouse. For a certain something, she is drop-dead lovely, however in her character she is exceptionally lenient. She goes up against him about being gone so much, however then acknowledges his calling of loyalty. I need to concede, she was a piece of what propped me up to the end trusting that she would bring him around.

I figured the acting wasn’t terrible, however it additionally wasn’t incredible. The specialist didn’t put on a show of being legitimate to me.

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