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Clive Owen works as Jack Marcus. Juliette Binoche works as Dina Delsanto. Keegan Connor Tracy works as Ellen. Bruce Davison works as Walt. Amy Brenneman works as Elspeth. Adam DiMarco works as Swint. Valerie Tian works as Emily. Navid Negahban works as Rashid. Janet Kidder works as Sabine. David Lewis works as Tom.

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  • Words and Pictures Hollywood Movie Review

    At a luxurious New England auxiliary school, with a sea setting, English instructor Jack (Clive Owen) is amidst a middle age emergency. Just, he doesn’t have any acquaintance with it. Not yet. Others have watched that he drinks an excessive amount of and is frequently a couple of minutes late to class, with poor lesson arranging. Surprisingly, Jack is to a great degree committed and brilliant, benefitting as much as possible from his classes and interfacing admirably with understudies. However, he is set out toward inconvenience. That is, until another workmanship educator, Dina (Juliette Binoche) touches base at the institute, stick close by, for she experiences rheumatoid joint pain. Obviously, Jack annoys her right away, despite the fact that it is very obvious that Dina can give blow for blow. After a dialog in her specialty respects class, understudies tell Jack that Dina thinks words are far less critical and significant than pictures. Ho, Jack jumps on this right now.

    Presently, he tells his students, this is war and lays out a solid safeguard of the force of words by perusing numerous significant entries of writing. An extreme test of the two dueling types of correspondence may lie ahead. Meanwhile, Jack is advised he will be “inspected” by the governing body and might be given up. He likewise is experiencing issues with his school age child. Cheerfully, Dina might demonstrate some sentimental enthusiasm for Jack. What lies ahead in the clash of words and pictures? This great and powerful motion picture is most welcome in this time of flicks went for youthful grown-up guys. It offers a sentiment between moderately aged characters and has a charming, finely composed script.