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Mel Gibson plays as Lt. Col. Hal Moore. Madeleine Stowe works as Julie Moore. Greg Kinnear is as Maj. Bruce 'Snake' Crandall. Sam Elliott plays as Sgt. Maj. Basil Plumley. Chris Klein is as 2nd Lt. Jack Geoghegan.

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  • We Were Soldiers Bollywood Movie Review

    The reference to Custer is not incident. Moore drives the First Battalion of the Seventh Cavalry, Custer’s regiment. “We will ride into fight and this will be our steed,” Moore says, remaining before a helicopter. About 400 of his men ride into fight in the Ia Drang Valley, known as the “Valley of Death,” and are encompassed by somewhere in the range of 2,000 North Vietnamese troops. Moore understands it’s a trap, and surely in the film’s opening scenes he peruses about simply such a strategy utilized by the Vietnamese against the French a couple of years prior. “We Were Soldiers,” like “Dark Hawk Down,” is a film in which the Americans don’t consequently win in the style of customary Hollywood war motion pictures. Ia Drang can’t be known as a thrashing, since Moore’s men battled intrepidly and well, enduring substantial losses yet executing significantly more Viet Cong. In any case, it is not a triumph; it’s progressively the shade raiser of a war in which American troops were better prepared and better prepared, yet dwarfed, out moved lastly outlived.
    For quite a bit of its length, the film comprises of fight scenes. They are not as clear and simple to take after as the occasions in “Dark Hawk Down,” however then the territory is distinctive, the canvas is bigger, and there are no eyes in the sky to track troop developments. Chief Randall Wallace (who composed “Braveheart” and “Pearl Harbor”) makes the circumstance clear from minute to minute, as Moore and his North Vietnamese partner attempt to outflank each other with hypothesis and intuition.Watch We Were Soldiers Movie Online Free