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Jessica Alba plays as Morley Clarkson. Kathy Bates works as Susan. Jessica Biel is in the role of Kara Monahan. Bradley Cooper is as Holden. Eric Dane works as Sean Jackson.

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  • Valentine’s Day Bollywood Movie Review

    That is the film’s issue. Gridlock. It needs someone like that intense activity superintendent who remains under the L at Wabash and Randolph and furiously sways her finger at drivers who don’t carry on. The on-screen characters in this motion picture could populate six lighthearted comedies with sensible plots, and a few sitcoms. Obviously, you’d need scripts. “Valentine’s Day” is so urgent to keep every one of the characters alive, it resembles those Russian performers who circled, attempting to keep every one of their plates turning on posts. I won’t endeavor to portray the plot. Nor will I let you know who the characters are and who plays them. Simply the names just would come to 63 words, and in the event that I depicted every character in 20 words, I’d come up short on space path before I got to Capt. Kate Hazeltine (Julia Roberts). I will say it was decent to see Shirley MacLaine and Hector Elizondo as an old wedded couple, and it’s of interest that two Taylors (Swift and Lautner) had scenes together.
    For the rest, words fizzle me. The structure of the film includes countless and extra characters who are not in couples. We wake up with them on the morning of Feb. 14, and the greater part of their stories are finished by midnight, and as Ricky used to tell Lucy, there’s a ton of “splainin” to do. A few antiquated recipes are utilized: (1) Best companions who don’t understand they’re truly enamored. (2) Guy who supposes she cherishes him yet she doesn’t. (3) Girl who supposes he cherishes her however he’s wedded. (4) People sitting by each other on a plane strike up a discussion. (5) Guy misjudges telephone call, reaches wrong inference. (6) Fifth grader’s first squash.Watch Valentine’s Day Movie Online Free