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Movie Name The Salt of the Earth

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The Salt of the Earth Movie Role Details :

Sebastião Salgado is as Himself. Wim Wenders is as Himself / Narrator. Lélia Wanick Salgado is as Herself. Juliano Ribeiro Salgado is as Himself / Narrator. Hugo Barbier is as Himself.

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  • The Salt of the Earth Hollywood Movie Review

    Juliano Ribeiro Salgado and Wenders have made an insightful enthusiastic voyage through the life and work of the well known picture taker Sebastião Salgado. Both his own and expert voyages are delineated through the photos of the capable humanist. The gutsy excursion is turning into a revelation of the human instinct and after that of nature’s condition. A marvelous disclosure this pleasant travel imagines the imprints which we leave on our planet and the follows which we engrave amid our stay here.

    Note that the general sentiment this motion picture is wonderfully typified by the soundtrack also. Also, this inclination is strange – a profound voyage into haziness and light – into the force of drawing with a camera. As a photographic artist as well, I am by and by astounded how a solitary picture can anticipate, advise and focus on a specific theme. A man, a scene, a general feeling – this is the thing that we get from this film.

    Complicatedly developed and shortsightedly displayed, the significance behind these shapes and hues is not uncertain – we are the zest which could improve the Earth both an and more terrible place. It is extremely fascinating to see this entire story told in French. I felt a specific feeling secret and insight all through the entire story. Also, albeit a few scenes were striking, one can just feel quietude watching this.