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Movie Name The Dance of Reality

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The Dance of Reality Movie Role Details :

Brontis Jodorowsky is as Jaime Jodorowsky. Pamela Flores is as Sara Jodorowsky. Jeremías Herskovits is as Young Alejandro. Alejandro Jodorowsky is as Old Alejandro. Bastián Bodenhöfer is as Carlos Ibáñez. Andrés Cox is as Don Aquiles.

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  • The Dance of Reality Hollywood Movie Review

    The film can be generally isolated into three portions: the initial segment focuses on the kid’s physical and mental mishandle on account of his Ukranian-Jewish father (counting vignettes including red shoes and the fire unit); the second on the father’s insufficient political exercises (counting an entertaining fizzled death endeavor thinking optimistically dressed canine challenge and an extensive scene as the Chilean tyrant’s steed groomer); and, at last, the extravagant father’s arrival back home (in the wake of misery from an episode of amnesia taking after much torment on account of the overbearing administration).

    The father (by chance, Brontis’ appearance here transforms him into a virtual dead ringer for Hollywood on-screen character Peter Sarsgaard!) had been a carnival entertainer and is depicted as a staunch skeptical Communist, the mother just imparts in operatic arias and the young man is seen wearing a blonde wig at the last’s request (in imitating of her own dad’s mane) and the previous’ shame. While chiding his child for looking womanly and blending with the neighborhood spiritualists and mangled troopers turned-homeless people, Jodorowsky Sr. is indicated associating with prostitutes, transvestites and political subversives in his week after week evening time trysts to the nearby bar.