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Silent Hill Movie Role Details :

Radha Mitchell act as Rose Da Silva. Sean Bean act as Christopher Da Silva. Laurie Holden act as Cybil Bennett. Jodelle Ferland act as Sharon Da Silva. Deborah Kara Unger act as Dahlia Gillespie. Kim Coates act as Officer Thomas Gucci. Tanya Allen act as Anna.

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  • Silent Hill Hollywood Movie Review

    I recall that I sat down to play Silent Hill a few years prior in light of the fact that the puzzle sort fascinated me and the diversion had an intriguing look to it, so I began going through the deserted town of ‘Noiseless Hill’ as the primary player. I quit playing soon on the grounds that, in truth, not a mess was going on. It was for the most part an uncomfortable ordeal, shockingly lit and hauntingly scored. I could fondle an extreme form in that foggy place yet I never achieved the zenith, so I surrendered. Alright, fine – I was frightened.

    A long time later this film adjustment is courageously made by Christophe Gans and, despite the fact that I’d played under ten minutes of the amusement, I promptly perceived the eerie visuals of the surrendered city. So ‘well done’ here is putting it mildly. It is eminently inhaled new life into.

    The plot has been overlooked somewhat in a Hollywood mold, yet catches the substance of its characters and storyline – which is: if all else fails, a mother takes her evil girl to a place she frequently says in her rest – a place close where she was received from. In any case, the expectation the mother has for her girl’s recuperation rapidly smashs and transforms into hopelessness when the young lady vanishes in the hazy strange old town.