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Saw II Movie Role Details :

Donnie Wahlberg act as Detective Eric Matthews. Tobin Bell act as John Kramer. Shawnee Smith act as Amanda Young. Erik Knudsen act as Daniel Matthews. Franky G act as Xavier Chavez. Emmanuelle Vaugier act as Addison Corday. Dina Meyer act as Detective Allison Kerry. Beverley Mitchell act as Laura Hunter.

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  • Saw II Hollywood Movie Review

    when he could get the others to let him know the number. The reality the one young lady is tossed in the needles and still glances around – why didn’t she simply get out (particularly with what we know after)? What’s more, why gracious why didn’t one of them simply begin taking blocks off the clearly boarded windows all through the house. Each and every gathering of people part is taking a gander at those barricaded windows and the characters in the motion picture are attempting to force open a bolted metal entryway. Clearly a consistent house like that will have huge amounts of routes out regardless of the possibility that it’s quite recently tearing through the mortar dividers like the person said – he says it, yet never really does it. They might be the stupidest individuals on the substance of the planet.

    What’s more, the cops child is dropped amidst these lawbreakers who were fouled up by the cop and by one means or another that should place him in threat? What? They’re so stressed over getting out, they additionally going to attempt and slaughter a honest child who has nothing to do with their scrape just in light of the fact that he’s the child of the man who put them there? It’s ludicrous. Also, HOW does Jigsaw KNOW these individuals were set up? What conceivable way would he be able to have discovered this out and nobody else did?