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Pitch Black Movie Role Details :

Vin Diesel is as Richard B. Riddick. Radha Mitchell is as Carolyn Fry. Cole Hauser is as William J. Johns. Keith David is as Abu 'Imam' al-Walid. Lewis Fitz-Gerald is as Paris P. Ogilvie. Claudia Black is as Sharon 'Shazza' Montgomery. Rhiana Griffith is as Jack. John Moore is as John 'Zeke' Ezekiel.

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  • Pitch Black Hollywood Movie Review

    This film gets off to a terrible begin. A unimaginably cliché monolog taken after promptly by a splendidly done, really astonishing spaceship crash. At that point things go downhill once more, as you understand that the survivors are every one of the an) awful performers. (Aside from the docking pilot and the insane person) and b) every one of them fit too pleasantly into the part of beast grub. For hell’s sake, half of them don’t communicate in English, keeping the gathering of people from becoming acquainted with the characters by any stretch of the imagination.

    You feel as though you were watching “Dark Blue Sea” meets “Quiet of the Lambs”, less the great bits. Also, lamentably, the whole thing tries to hard to be “Slammed on an abandon planet with Hannibal Lecter” amid the light scenes. Vin Diesel is an incredible performer – however he is no Anthony Hopkins, and he honestly disturbs as the brilliant hyper-cool psycho. There is no less than one great scene including a sudden survivor – however separated from that you could similarly too have removed the initial thirty minutes or somewhere in the vicinity…