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Movie Name Panic Room

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Panic Room Movie Role Details :

Jodie Foster role as Meg Altman. Kristen Stewart play role as Sarah Altman. Forest Whitaker named as Burnham. Dwight Yoakam act with the name of Raoul. Jared Leto, Patrick Bauchau play role of Junior, Stephen Altman respectively.

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  • Panic Room Hollywood Movie Review

    Burnham (Whitaker), a representative of the habitation’s security organization; and Raoul (Yoakam), a ski cover wearing shooter enrolled by Junior. The three are after $3 million in carrier bonds, which are bolted inside a story safe in the frenzy room.In the wake of finding that the Altmans have moved in sooner than anticipated, Junior persuades a hesitant Burnham, who expected the house was vacant, to proceed with their heist. As they start the burglary, Meg awakens and happens to see the gatecrashers on the video screens in the frenzy room. Prior to the three can contact them, Meg and Sarah keep running into the frenzy room and close the entryway behind them. They can’t utilize the telephone in the room which was a different telephone line that was never snared by Meg. Expecting to constrain the two out of the room, Burnham brings propane gas into the room’s air vents. Raoul, in strife with Burnham and Junior, hazardously expands the measure of gas. Not able to seal the vents, Meg touches off the gas while she and Sarah spread themselves with flame resistant covers, bringing on a blast which vents into the room outside and causes a flame, harming Junior.The Altmans make a few endeavors to call for offer, incorporating flagging a neighbor with an electric lamp through the opening of a ventilation some assistance with piping, yet the neighbor overlooks it. Meg then takes advantage of the principle phone line and traverses to her ex Stephen (Bauchau), before the criminals cut them off.Watch Panic Room Movie Online