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Movie Name One Missed Call

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One Missed Call Movie Role Details :

Shannyn Sossamon act as Beth Raymond. Edward Burns named as Jack Andrews. Ana Claudia Talancón play role of Tayor Anthony. Ray Wise named was Ted Summers. Azura Skye role was Leann Cole. Johnny Lewis as Brian Sousa.

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    The film starts with a young lady being emptied from a smoldering doctor’s facility. A firefighter inquires as to whether her mom is in there, yet she doesn’t react.In the interim, Shelley, an understudy, sits outside close to her koi lake in her Japanese-styled home and subsequent to having a visit via telephone with Leann, she hears her feline making weird clamors. Shelley strolls towards it however following a speedy second, she thinks that its remaining on the opposite side of the lake. Dazed by the circumstance, she all of a sudden hears abnormal mumbling in the lake and all of a sudden, a hand rises and drags Shelley into the lake, suffocating her. A red treat then shows up at first glance and the same hand continues to drag the feline and suffocates it too.ndergrad Beth Raymond is chatting with her companion, Leann, who went to Shelley’s burial service. Leann’s cellphone rings with a bedtime song like ringtone, and it says it’s from Shelley. Leann listens to the phone message, which is herself shouting. The phone message is dated three days later on. Leann starts to experience fantasies that make her undeniably on edge. While strolling home minutes before the time on the phone message, she calls Beth. Beth hurries to get Leann yet sadly, she touches base in the meantime Leann unintentionally tumbles off from a bridge and grounds on top of a speeding train, killing her.Watch One Missed Call Movie Online Free Full Movie