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Meet the Parents Movie Role Details :

Robert De Niro is as Jack Byrnes. Ben Stiller is as Gaylord "Greg" Focker. Teri Polo is as Pam Byrnes. Blythe Danner is as Dina Byrnes. Nicole DeHuff is as Deborah Byrnes.

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  • Meet the Parents Hollywood Movie Review

    Meet the Parents is a comic drama and practically sort of sentiment film. That water crafts a stellar cast and some amusing lines. The silliness here is spread out well and the chuckles don’t only all come in one scene or the other. It makes you giggle toward the end and the starting as well. I think most of the snickers are more physical than what they say. However what I will include is that when Greg(Ben Stiller) says certain lines. They fall off splendidly. I felt it was just about great and here underneath is the reason.

    The cast here appear to be fabulous and Ben Stiller as I said is thrown well in the number one spot part as Greg, his physical cleverness coordinates up to his line conveyance and both join exceptionally well. Robert De Niro as the father in law Jack is extraordinary also, he by one means or another appears to blend genuine yet at the same time feel entertaining and all credit to him on this one. Teri Polo as Pam, Greg’s back, is well thrown thus even is Blythe Danner including individuals like Owen Wilson too to make a top notch bundle of characters.

    It’s composed well, now what I will state is that the script doesn’t exactly create as huge scenes as a portion of the more physical jokes do yet there still clever in any case. John Hamburg and Jim Herzfeld benefit a vocation as I say composing this and both appear to join past encounters well, with Hamburg who worked with Stiller on “Zoolander” once more drawing out the giggles and the sort of funniness we have generally expected.