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  • Madagascar Hollywood Movie Review

    I took my 8 yr old little girl and a companion of hers to see the motion picture a weekend ago. We had a ton of fun. The funniness is one of Dreamworks best. It was sutle enough on a portion of the jokes that the more youthful children did not get on but rather you could hear the grown-ups laughing.

    My undisputed top choice was Melmen. He was extremely interesting and I imagine that everybody can identify with knowing somebody like that. (Debilitated constantly)

    I would not suggest kids less than 6 years old to see it however. Their where many minimal ones in the theater and all you heard was “what are they doing now? Why are individuals snickering?” and so on.

    A great deal of fun and a considerable measure of chuckles. We will claim this when it turns out on DVD.