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Movie Name Lost in Hong Kong

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Lost in Hong Kong Movie Role Details :

Xu Zheng works as Xu Lai. Zhao Wei works as "Spinach" a.k.a. Cai Bo. Bao Bei'er works as Cai Lala. Du Juan works as Yang Yi. Sam Lee works as Tai Pak Ho. Eric Kot works as senior Hong Kong cop. Pan Hong works as Pan Tongtong. Zhao Youliang works as Cai Youliang. Zhu Yuanyuan works as Cai Bo's sister.

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  • Lost in Hong Kong Hollywood Movie Review

    Lost in Hong Kong was assembled great for most extreme happiness. I thought that it was clever, activity stuffed, touching and delightful all in the meantime.

    I’ll be straightforward, with regards to Asian silver screen I’m more about Kung Fu flicks than whatever else. I knew this was all the more a comic drama and I went into it supposing I won’t not get it, but rather subsequent to seeing the wrongdoing dramatization, Saving Mr. Wu, and cherishing that, this film was prescribed. So I try it attempt. The story they tell is quite all inclusive.

    Xu Lai, is a man confronting an emotional meltdown included by the worry of attempting to get his better half pregnant. At the point when an open door comes to remember his childhood with his first love, he ventures all over Hong Kong trying to revive the relationship, just to discover the undertaking more troublesome when his Brother-In-Law follows along keeping in mind the end goal to archive his life. Furthermore they both get to be developed with a murder examination.

    I cherish it when motion pictures challenge kinds and can blend in a considerable measure of things to the story components without being excessively scattered and this film does that innovatively. I don’t know whether this would be viewed as China’s form of a blockbuster yet it takes a shot at that level.