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Movie Name Like Father Like Son

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Like Father Like Son Movie Role Details :

Masaharu Fukuyama works as Ryota Nonomiya. Yoko Maki works as Yukari Saiki. Jun Kunimura works as Kazushi Kamiyama. Machiko Ono works as Midori Nonomiya. Kirin Kiki works as Riko Ishizeki. Isao Natsuyagi works as Ryosuke Nonomiya. Lily Franky works as Yudai Saiki. Jun Fubuki works as Nobuko Nonomiya.

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  • Like Father Like Son Hollywood Movie Review

    Hirokazu Koreeda’s Like Father, Like Son is an exceptionally passionate film. One that made me feel for its characters. The film is loaded with extraordinary exhibitions, a fascinating soundtrack, and a plot that is straightforward.

    Set in Japan Like Father, Like Son recounts the narrative of Ryota Nonomiya, a fruitful businessperson, who is driven by cash more than whatever else. Ryota is hitched to Midori, and has a child named Keita. Whenever Ryota and Midori visit the healing center subsequent to accepting a call from them, they discover that Keita is not their natural child. Ryota is compelled to pick between keeping the tyke, or making the best choice and giving him back to his natural guardians. Things are particularly confounded for Ryota as Midori is still given to Keita, even in the wake of taking in his actual causes.

    Like Father, Like Son is an extremely touching film. It aided by the exhibitions of the on-screen characters. Masaharu Fukuyama gives an extremely “tame” execution as Ryota. When he discovers that his child is not his genuine youngster, he doesn’t detonate. Rather, he keeps his cool, and tries to make the best of it. His exhibitions are particularly helped by the script, as on just a couple events it appears to oblige him to be genuinely “enthusiastic”.