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Movie Name Ice Age

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Ice Age Movie Role Details :

Ray Romano played role of Manny. John Leguizamo act as Sid. Denis Leary named Diego. Goran Visnjic, Jack Black and Cedric the Entertainer play role of Soto, Zeke and Rhino respectively.

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  • Ice Age Hollywood Movie Review

    Watch Ice Age Movie Online (2002) Free Full Movie. A saber-toothed squirrel (known as Scrat) is attempting to discover a spot to store his prized oak seed. In the long run, as he tries to step it into the ground, he causes a huge break in the ground that reaches out for miles and miles and sets off an expansive torrential slide. He scarcely get away, however gets himself ventured on by a crowd of ancient creatures. The creatures are attempting to stay away from the ice age by moving south. Sid, an ungainly ground sloth abandoned by his family, chooses to proceed onward independent from anyone else however is assaulted by two Brontops whom he maddened. Sid is soon spared by Manfred (“Manny”), a fomented mammoth who battles them off and is traveling north. watch Ice Age Movie Online (2002) Free Full Movie.
    Not having any desire to be separated from everyone else and unprotected, Sid takes after Manny. In the mean time, Soto, the pioneer of a Smilodon pride, needs vindicate on an eating so as to gather of people the boss’ infant child, Roshan, alive. Soto drives a strike on the human camp, amid which Roshan’s mom is isolated from the rest and bounced down a waterfall when cornered by Soto’s lieutenant, Diego. For his disappointment, Diego is sent to discover and recover the infant.Later, Sid and Manny spot Roshan and his mom close to the lake, having survived her dive. The mother just has enough quality to endow her child to Manny before she vanishes into the water. After much influence by Sid, they choose to return Roshan, yet when they achieve the human settlement, they think that its left.