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Movie Name Goodbye Mr Loser

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Goodbye Mr Loser Movie Role Details :

Lun Ai as Dachun. Yuan Chang as Meng Te. Li-Chun Lee as The Principle. Ping Li as Xia Luo's mother. Li Ma as Ma Dong Mei. Teng Shen as Xia Luo. Yang Song as Zhang Yang.

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  • Goodbye Mr Loser Hollywood Movie Review

    Teng Shen is an undignified man who carries on with a troubled existence with his better half. He is given another shot at his life; after he passes out, getting inebriated at his old pulverize’s wedding. He awakens in his old classroom back in his secondary school days. Yes he does a reversal in time! Not a science fiction by any methods, but rather a decent lighthearted comedy. The film is a fun ride of brisk silliness and great music. The script is elegantly composed and the characters all around ordered. I was into the film from first to last, not a moment of weariness! A vibe decent motion picture worth your time. It offers an intense concealed spirit yet that is for you to discover.

    While going to the wedding of his secondary school pulverize, Teng Shen is mortified by his better half and gets power outage tanked … what’s more, gets up back in secondary school. Utilizing his recollections of his previous life, he in the long run gets all that he needed, including a noteworthy melodic profession and the young lady from secondary school, just to acknowledge how hopeless it makes him.

    It’s an extremely elegantly composed and performed satire, with some genuine character piece and entertaining jokes. While the blueprint is recognizable to me – I’ve been perusing sci-fi for over five decades – it’s assembled well, including some decent melodic intermissions to keep the group of onlookers upbeat. In spite of the fact that the sub-literary message is too much regulating – don’t seek after something all the more, however be content with what you have – it’s assembled in an unflaggingly captivating manner.