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Movie Name Fight Club

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Fight Club Movie Role Details :

Edward Norton Act As The Narrator. Brad Pitt Play Role As Tyler Durden.Meat Loaf Page Role Was Robert 'Bob' Paulsen.

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  • Fight Club Hollywood Movie Review

    Marla overdoses on pills and phones the storyteller for help he overlooks her however Tyler answers the call and spares her. Tyler and Marla turn out to be sexually included, and Tyler cautions the storyteller never to converse with Marla about him. More battle clubs structure the nation over and, under Tyler’s administration, they turn into the counter realist and against corporate association called Venture Mayhem.The storyteller whines to Tyler that he needs to be more required in the association however then Tyler all of a sudden vanishes. At the point when an individual from Project Mayhem is murdered by the police amid a bungled harm operation, the storyteller tries to close down the venture, and takes after confirmation of Tylers national goes to track him down. In one city, a Project part welcomes the storyteller as Tyler Durden. The