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Félix de Givry is as Paul. Pauline Étienne is as Louise. Vincent Macaigne is as Arnaud. Hugo Conzelmann is as Stan. Zita Hanrot is as Anaïs. Roman Kolinka is as Cyril. Ugo Bienvenu is as Quentin.

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  • Eden Hollywood Movie Review

    what an extraordinary film! in the event that you like house and more to the point..French sifted house, then you will love this. its more music orientated than whatever else and has some trustworthy DJs doing cameos – Tony Humphries, Arnold Jarvis and a PA by India. it catches the entire vibe of mid 90s clubbing exceptionally well – blended with connections, drugs and relentless gatherings. i like the primary on-screen character as a DJ as he is downplayed and plays it down, keeping the achievement of his work and the scene on a relaxed as a great deal of DJs are extremely unassuming. the Daft Punk characters are available and their tunes are generally welcomed by clubbers from all over.

    Paul, a youngster in the underground scene of mid nineties Paris, shapes a DJ aggregate with his companions and together they dive into the nightlife of sex, medications, and perpetual music.