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Darkness Falls Movie Role Details :

Chaney Kley was in role of Kyle Walsh. Emma Caulfield act as Caitlin Greene. Lee Cormie play act as Michael Greene. Grant Piro was in good role of Larry Fleishman. Sullivan Stapleton was in role of Officer Matt Henry.

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  • Darkness Falls Bollywood Movie Review

    In the town of Darkness Falls, dowager Matilda Dixon (Antony Burrows) was venerated by the town’s youngsters. Matilda gave them endowments and gold coins when they lost teeth, acquiring her the handle Tooth Fairy. A flame in her home left her face distorted and delicate to light; she wore a white porcelain veil and just went out during the evening. The town’s grown-ups were suspicious of Matilda; they pointed the finger at her when two youngsters disappeared. They hanged her and uprooted her cover, presenting her face to light. Kicking the bucket, Matilda swore retaliation upon the town. At the point when the two missing kids returned home unharmed, the townsfolk understood their oversight and immediately covered Matilda’s body. The tale of Matilda Dixon, the Tooth Fairy, turned into a legend that was told for some eras after her passing; her dim soul visits youngsters on the night they lose their last infant tooth. On the off chance that anybody see her when she visits, they are reviled and set apart for her retaliation in the event that they survive their experience with her.

    Kyle Walsh (Joshua Anderson), a solitary young person got to know by Caitlin Greene (Emily Browning) loses his last child tooth. That night he sees Matilda in his room and understands the story is genuine; Matilda is presently a malevolent soul wearing dark robes and a white porcelain veil. Knowing light is her shortcoming, he sparkles an electric lamp into her face and covers up in the splendidly lit washroom. His mom (Rebecca McCauley) tries to convince him there is nothing in his room; she is murdered in the wake of seeing Matilda. The following morning, police arrive and Kyle is taken to a mental clinic after mixed up theories that he murdered his mom.