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Chicago Movie Role Details :

Renée Zellweger role as Roxie Hart. Catherine Zeta-Jones play role as Velma Kelly. Richard Gere named as Billy Flynn. Queen Latifah act with the name of Matron `Mama' Morton. John C. Reilly and Dominic West play role of Amos Hart and Fred Casely respectively.

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  • Chicago Hollywood Movie Review

    In 1924, Roxie Hart sees star Velma Kelly perform (“All That Jazz”) at a Chicago theater. Needing fame for herself, she starts an undertaking with Fred Casely, who cases to know the supervisor. After the appear, Velma is captured for executing her spouse Charlie and sister Veronica, who were sleeping together. After a month, Casely admits to Roxie that he has no showbiz associations and simply needed her body. Angered, she shoots him dead. She persuades her spouse Amos to assume the accuse, letting him know she executed a thief in self-protection. As Amos admits to the investigator, Roxie fantasizes that she is singing a tune dedicated to her spouse (“Funny Honey”). Notwithstanding, when the investigator raises confirm that Roxie and Casely were taking part in an extramarital entanglements, Amos abjures; Roxie irately concedes what truly happened and is captured.Watch Chicago Movie Online.