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Bring It On Movie Role Details :

Kirsten Dunst act as Torrance Shipman. Eliza Dushku act as Missy Pantone. Jesse Bradford act as Cliff Pantone. Gabrielle Union act as Isis. Clare Kramer act as Courtney. Nicole Bilderback act as Whitney. Tsianina Joelson act as Darcy. Rini Bell act as Kasey. Nathan West act as Jan. Huntley Ritter act as Les.

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  • Bring It On Hollywood Movie Review

    I quite went to see it since it showed up at the time it would be the main motion picture in the nation. However, much incredibly it wasn’t too awful. Gooey? Yes. Awful exchange? Totally. Fun? I thought it was. It didn’t consider itself so important that it was horrendous, and it considered itself sufficiently important that it was fun watching these children cheerlead their little hearts out.

    The plot… well the 5 time national champion team promoters from Rancho Carne High School in San Diego (they’re the Toros) discover that all their honor winning cheers were really stolen from the team promoters at East Compton High (they’re the Clovers). So now in the event that they need to keep their title dreams alive, they have to meet up as a group and make their own, unique cheer, and cheer like they’ve never cheered. Lead by their commander Torrance Shipman (Kirsten Dunst), the Toros make it back to the national titles, and clash with the Clovers to see who truly is the best darn team promoters in the nation.