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Movie Name Bring It on Again

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Bring It on Again Movie Role Details :

Anne Judson-Yager act as Whittier Smith. Bree Turner act as Tina Hammersmith. Kevin Cooney act as Dean Sebastian. Faune A. Chambers act as Monica. Bryce Johnson act as Greg. Richard Lee Jackson act as Derek. Bethany Joy Lenz act as Marni Potts. Holly Towne act as Janice. Dennis Hemphill Jr. act as Francis. Felicia Day act as Penelope Hope.

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  • Bring It on Again Hollywood Movie Review

    This film was shocking to be straightforward. No acting, no story, only a cop-out of the first. Everybody is remarking on Bree Turner’s depiction of the “bitch” being incredible and the best .. it’s not really? I’m from the U.K and perhaps shes not a recognizable face here but rather I cannot consider whatever else she’s been in. She made a decent attempt to be the “bitch” and gives an unremarkable execution? The cheering was o.k in this one, however nothing unique.

    On the back of the D.V.D cover (yes! i didn’t know i wouldn’t care for it!) it says something like “with a gathering of ascending, exceptional new stars” .. what stars? They haven’t been in anything since. I can ONLY dubiously watched Faune Chambers in “Epic Movie” which was likewise a slump in my eyes? The acting is stunning! I LOVE the Bring It On arrangement and I really do incline toward the straight-to-DVD movies instead of the first (my assessment!), i like the first, and I LOVE bring it on 3 and 4 .. in any case, this one? – NOT WORTH A PLACE IN MY FAVES.