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Movie Name Barbie: The Pearl Princess

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Barbie: The Pearl Princess Movie Role Details :

Kelly Sheridan as Lumina (voice). Katie Crown as Kuda (voice). Rebecca Shoichet asQueen Lorelei (voice). Trish Pattendon as Scylla (voice) (as Patricia Pattenden). John Novak as Caligo (voice). Simon Hill as Fergis (voice). Peter New as Murray (voice).

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  • Barbie: The Pearl Princess Hollywood Movie Review

    This is the tale of Lumina. Lumina is a mermaid who is glad living in the ocean and has the best craving to be an individual from eminence, she imparts that fantasy to her companion Kuda and dependably plays to be she is a mermaid princess. In any case, the imperial château of the sea is not an exceptionally cheerful place; the rulers Nereo and Lorelei were inundated in pity having lost her infant little girl and beneficiary to the honored position.

    Since there is no honest to goodness beneficiary, Fergis, who is the child of General Caligo will rise to the position of royalty; Caligo noxiously planned to grab the kingdom through his child. Fergis is not terrible, he wouldn’t generally like to be above all else and he will do everything close by to dismiss the arrangement that is going to get.

    In any case, his dad’s arrangements don’t have a similar shading, he needs to harm the lord since he needs that his child turns into the legitimate beneficiary. Lumina gets some answers concerning these arrangements and attempt to help the Kings, this is an experience in which she’ll gets an astonish and find a story that will change her life and the whole kingdom. What will be the end of the story?