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Barbie: Spy Squad Movie Role Details :

Erica Lindbeck as Barbie (voice). Stephanie Sheh as Renee (voice). Jenny Pellicer as Teresa (voice). Alyssya Swales as Chelsea (voice). Elizabeth Irving as Mila (voice).

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  • Barbie: Spy Squad Hollywood Movie Review

    In this motion picture, Barbie and her closest companions: Teresa and Renee are a beautifuls gymnasts who place excitement in each of your workouts, however their work don’t generally turn out well. However in this story, the tumbling is joined with an energizing activity stuffed enterprise!

    When they wouldn’t dare hoping anymore, Teresa and Renee, are into a perilous spy ring and they require the abilities of tumbling of the young ladies. Around then, Barbie, Teresa and Renee get to be distinctly covert mystery specialists of this top-mystery spy organization and they should demonstrate they are the best gymnasts. In the mission that is depended to them, the young ladies need to take after the intimations furthermore discover a hoodlum who has stolen an important jewel and has taken off.

    That is a story that has circumvented the world and they ought to comprehend the riddle. With its innovative devices, outfits with extremely glitz, and charming robot as pets, they can demonstrate that the insight and collaboration can get a mission achieved. You never experienced an energizing story of aerobatic and mystery spy with Barbie and her companions; this is the female energy to the protect and you are a piece of it!