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Movie Name Barbie And Her Sisters In A Puppy Chase

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Barbie And Her Sisters In A Puppy Chase Movie Role Details :

Alex Barima as Marco (voice). Kathleen Barr as Silver (voice). Natasha Calis as Lindsay (voice). Allie Campbell as Beauty (voice). Claire Corlett as Stacie (voice). Brenda Crichlow as Auntie Hannah (voice).

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  • Barbie And Her Sisters In A Puppy Chase Hollywood Movie Review

    As usual, in this site we present to you another experience of Barbie and her sisters, who again demonstrate to us that together they can do everything, better and have incredible stories to let us know. This time the young ladies and their lovable pets land at a heaven island to take part in the move rivalry of Chelsea: she was practice hard, and today is the day where she is more than prepared to be the champ. Everything appears to go great and time passes discreetly. There are extremely desires for the opposition.

    However a little before the opposition the young ladies choose to make a snappy excursion to see the Horse Festival in the move zone, which has them extremely energized and don’t understand that something genuine is going to happen; It is right then and there that their puppies vanish and the young ladies must set out determined to find them a little before the execution of Chelsea.

    While this happens, the puppies are having their own particular enterprise and don’t know the amount they make their proprietors endure; around then, the young ladies ought to begin their creative energy and cooperate as dependably to find their fuzzy companions in this experience of cool noses and educating an extraordinary kinship.