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Assassination Movie Role Details :

Jun Ji-hyun is as Ahn Ok-yun. Lee Jung-jae is as Yeom Seok-jin. Ha Jung-woo is as "Hawaii Pistol". Oh Dal-su is as "Old Man". Cho Jin-woong is as Chu Sang-ok. Lee Geung-young is as Kang In-gook. Choi Deok-moon is as Hwang Deok-sam. Kim Eui-sung is as Butler of Kang family. Park Byung-eun is as Kawaguchi Shunsuke.

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  • Assassination Hollywood Movie Review

    The principal thing to comprehend about this film is that it has a remarkable thrown, which yields extraordinary exhibitions no matter how you look at it. Ji-hyun Jun is the lead performing artist; her ubiquity detonated when she featured in My Sassy Girl (2001), but at the same time she’s been on a singing hot streak recently with movies like The Thieves (2012) and The Berlin File (2013), and additionally a gigantically famous K-dramatization TV arrangement named You Who Came from the Stars (which completed in 2014). I adore this on-screen character.

    I’ll watch her in anything. She featured in the sexiest tea ads ever, incidentally. Death additionally stars Jung-jae Lee (Big Match, The Face Reader, New World) and Jung-charm Ha (Kundo: Age of the Rampant, The Terror Live, The Berlin File, The Chaser, The Yellow Sea, and so on.). There are additionally some exceptionally conspicuous faces in supporting parts also. The cast simply stacked! What’s more, it’s awesome watching everybody communicate.

    The plot is very confounded, yet it is intriguing and benefits a vocation of making a web of contentions between the characters which reaches boiling point later on. It might be excessively convoluted for its own particular great, which is by all accounts a pattern with some late Korean thrillers like The Berlin File and The Suspect, however it forces the viewer to give careful consideration and watch the film numerous times to get the majority of the little points of interest. There are additionally a couple of devilish bends and startling minutes.