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1408 Movie Role Details :

John Cusack is as Mike Enslin. Samuel L. Jackson is as Gerald Olin. Mary McCormack is as Lily Enslin. Tony Shalhoub is as Sam Farrell. Len Cariou is as Mike's father. Jasmine Jessica Anthony is as Katie Enslin. Isiah Whitlock, Jr. is as Hotel Engineer. Kim Thomson is as Hotel Desk Clerk.

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  • 1408 Hollywood Movie Review

    It’s an all in or all out thing with Stephen King motion pictures. Now and then there’s a remarkable exertion by somebody with a truly solid vision (eg Kubrick, De Palma). However then there are likewise some huge botches (Dreamcatcher starts things out to mind). And afterward there are those that kind of lie ideal in the center, as average, straightforward yet unremarkable endeavors that chill or spill into your front room or motion picture theater. 1408 isn’t an extraordinary thriller, yet to king fans it’ll likely be a standout amongst the most dedicated or if nothing else feel reliable endeavors to date, and in that capacity it’s really unpleasant and a beyond any doubt fire “gotcha” machine.

    The start is vintage King: a critical author (Cusack). Who’s books go over the paranormal (except for an individual book about a father and child), and gets sent a mysterious postcard about the Dolphin lodging and room 1408. The supervisor cautions him, intensely, to not remain in the room. In any case, he’s resolute to the point where there’s no turning back. Gradually, yet to a great degree unquestionably, things begin flying up in the room, out of Elsin’s own cognizance, maybe, and also with the earth changing (settle that warmer!), and even a small form of the inn administrator (who wouldn’t like to see Jackon ala Indian in the Cupboard?).