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Fearless Movie Role Details :

Jet Li Play Role As Huo Yuanjia. Li Sun Act As Moon. Yong Dong Role Was Nong Jinsun. Collin Chou Role As Yuanjia's Father.Hee Ching Paw As Role Yuanjia's Mother.

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  • Fearless Bollywood Movie Review

    Everybody who has flown has imagined the likelihood of an unsuccessful flight. The 1992 motion picture, “Alive!,” made a stunning embellishments showing with regards to of demonstrating what may happen on a plane accident landing onto a frigid field. Presently “Dauntless” is frightfully persuading in its representation of the last snippets of a flight, and its fallout. For there is a fallout. Not everybody is murdered, and the man who is so tranquil is one of the survivors. His name is Max Klein (Jeff Bridges). He is a legend, sparing the lives of others after the accident. At that point he leaves it, and registers with a motel. One might say he is leaving his whole life. The greater part of the stresses and considerations, the trusts and obligations, have been wiped away.