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Movie Name B.A. PASS

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B.A. PASS Movie Role Details :

Shadab Kamal Play Act As Mukesh. Shilpa Shukla Play Role As Sarika.Dibyendu Bhattacharya's Role Was Johnny.

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    Music By – Alokananda Dasgupta
    lyrics By – Alokananda Dasgupta
    Singing By – Alokananda Dasgupta


    B.A. PASS Bollywood Movie Review

    Ajay Bahl?s narrating is drenching at a shallow level. He additionally figures out how to crease in disloyalty and dramatization in the story. Yet, the minute you go requesting answers, it experiences a mental blackout slate. As a suggestive thriller, the film is serviceable. It has the fascinating cinematography (by Bahl), a hooking story, and great acting. Because of these positives, it figures out how to remain in spite of the frail establishment. It?s not as dull and unsafe as you?d anticipate that film noir will be. Still, you might need to look at it for the few hooking minutes and the exhibitions.

    The film opens with a melancholy scene of a more distant family in grieving over a twofold disaster. It closes with a shockingly troubling finale. Also, nothing that happens in the middle of gives the minutest hint of something better over the horizon. Yet BA Pass is never not exactly arresting.

    It is an unfazed, burning story that uncovered the heart of haziness that lies under the peaceful, refined finish of working class life in Delhi.