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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Movie Role Details :

Daniel Radcliffe is as Harry James Potter. Rupert Grint is as Ron Weasley. Emma Watson is as Hermione Granger. Kenneth Branagh is as Gilderoy Lockhart. John Cleese is as Nearly Headless Nick. Robbie Coltrane is as Rubeus Hagrid.

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  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Hollywood Movie Review

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is sublime, and don’t listen to those biased commentators who guarantee generally. The individuals who said it is better than the primary film are correct: Philosopher’s Stone was great however the spin-off accomplishes for Harry Potter what the Empire Strikes Back accomplished for Star Wars – raise it to a more elevated amount where it will be viewed as a perfect work of art in it’s own privilege.

    The plot is more tightly and “cleaner” then the main film, and keeps running along at a pace sufficiently lively to clear the two-hours away with the flood of a wand. The acting from Daniel Radcliffe was condemned by some in the main film and still others are bleating on about him now. Give it a rest, say I. He was fantastic.

    Hogwarts itself truly becomes animated, to a great extent because of the camera shots clearing in through a window or over the mansion – it feels significantly more “adjusted” and the Quidditch coordinate advantages from a makeover and enhanced SFX.