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Hancock Movie Role Details :

Will Smith Play Role As John Hancock. Charlize Theron Act As Mary. Jason Bateman Role Was Ray,Jae Head Roll As Aaron.David Mattey As Roll Roy Man Mountain

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  • Hancock Hollywood Movie Review

    Hancock is a mess of fascinating thoughts that, if grew encourage or exhibited as more than toss ins to a confounded creation, may have made for an interesting superhero film. The subsequent film, be that as it may, hints at all the studio impedance and never builds up a reasonable personality or tone. To the degree that Hancock works, it’s to a great extent on account of Will Smith, whose execution is more grounded than what this generally scattershot generation merits. Hancock is some of the time entertaining, now and again smart, and once in a while including, yet it’s never splendid and its edge is traded off by the fixing that goes with the high schooler inviting PG-13 rating.
    Envision Superman as a drunkard cynic and you have John Hancock,